Entry: Moving Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I don't know if I have any readers left here, but I'm moving to LJ. You'll find me under my real name, for now. I'm debating opening a new account vs staying with that. I originally set up the account there specifically to participate in a forum for DQG (which eventually moved to a private yahoogroup anyway). I'm less convinced that I need to use a pseudonym online, and, in fact, I've basically linked my handle & my real name anyway at this point, given my listing of all the projects I worked on. Anyway, it should be easy to figure out; if you're stuck and still want to follow me, drop me an email, and tell me how you found this blog and I'll point you at the LJ. Can't make it TOO easy...

Edit: I added a link. I'd rather have more readers than make life difficult. :)


cheap jordans
May 4, 2012   03:23 AM PDT
I like this blog. Really helpful and very motivational. Thanks a bunch. This will help me a lot.
December 22, 2007   11:51 AM PST
Well, given how much drama I had HERE in the past, LJ should be a piece of cake...*looks around hopefully...nope, no Goblin King...* :) Glad you're following me! :)
December 18, 2007   04:00 PM PST
Well, I am a reader, but I have no problem following you to LJ. I have an account because all my local circle of friends are on LJ (Some of the drama on there gets interesting). I hope you like it better.

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