Entry: Politics Ahead :) Wednesday, December 12, 2007

As some folks may know, I'ver recently gotten interested in pro-2nd Amendment rights. I follow several "gun" bloggers, and one of them posted this recently. I usually stay way out of the back & forth arguments because I'm just not comfortable with them, but this time I felt I had to comment. I don't know if the author at BeggersCanBeChoosers will post my comment or not, so I wanted to repost it here:

"Ok, I usually stay way out of these arguments because I just don't always enjoy arguing. But, Marc, I want to respond to something in your angry response, "Oh, and one other thing: please grow a pair. You gun nuts are such pussies. You're so fucking frightened of anything and everything. You think you need your precious gun to defend yourself."

I'm female. I come with a pair, but not the ones you're talking about. :) I'm also not very healthy. I can only run so far, and it's not going to be that fast.  I wish I didn't have to worry about it, but there are people who would think of me as an easy target. A gun helps put me on equal footing. It's just not in me to let a criminal do whatever they want to me. Take my wallet, there's no money in it anyway. :) But my life? My safety? That I'll fight for. The cops are awesome, but they don't live with me. I would rather have a firearm and never need it, then need one and not have it."

Really, that sums up my whole point. I wish the world was perfectly safe. I wish there weren't people who think that a woman walking alone was a target for theft or worse. Unfortunately, it's not. A firearm requires some skill, but it lets me keep distance between me & a criminial. As someone who adores efficiency, I think it's the best choice. It puts me on equal footing, at a minimum. Heck, sometimes just having it is enough to scare someone away. If we could magically erase all guns and all knowledge of how to make them, yeah, maybe it's something we wouldn't even have to worry about. But criminals seem to be able to get weapons whether or not they're illegal. Why shouldn't I be able to fight back?  


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