Entry: Stupid AAA Monday, December 10, 2007

DH was headed out to work about 1:30pm today, when he comes back in and announces the front passenger tire is flat. Well...crap. That one's been low before, but we thought it just needed air. He goes back outside, comes up in a bit and announces, "We don't have a tire iron." Err...yes we do. Look again. "No we don't." *sigh* Call B&A, borrow theirs. They're not sure they have one. DH goes to look again. Oh, it's in the grey fabric bag on the grey fabric trunk liner. Of course we have a tire iron *rolls eyes*. Anyway....it doesn't matter, because while 4 bolts come off, number 5 decides it's not coming off. Period. The bolts were last put on by an impact wrench, so it's not overly surprising, but he got the rest. This one looks like it's starting to be stripped, though, so we give up and call AAA. DH very clearly tells them that we need either a portable impact wrench or a tow. They say "wait 75 minutes." Oi. So we call Sears (where the tires came from; they're still under warranty). and they say we have to get there by 4pm for them to work on it today. No problem, right? It's only about 2:30 at this point...

We wait. And wait. Right on 75 minutes, the guy says he'll be another 10 or so. He shows up right on 4pm. In a pickup truck with his trusty tire iron. He looks at it and agrees there's not much he's going to be able to do either. Should he call a tow truck? Umm...no...now it's too late! *sigh* DH calls AAA and gives them a piece of his mind. Idiots. So now we have to get up early and get it towed.

Of course, he had to skip work today, because we only have the one car, and he figures he'll work on Friday to make it up. Thankfully that's easy for him to do at his office. It means I have to do the same, because I just can't get a whole lot of work done with him around. It just throws me off. At least we'll still have a whole weekend this weekend; he & I both took off for Mom's bday brunch on Sunday. I'm just frustrated at losing a day and it's still not repaired. The timing would have been tight but completely doable if AAA had just used their brain and LISTENED when DH called initially.

And I was going to play PotBS tonight, but it's still got 2 hrs to go to download/update...


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