Entry: Oh. Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I just realized something this morning. The cat is on a once daily pill. I called the vet to confirm my fear: it ought to be given as close to the same time as possible. This could make traveling to visit family....problematic...since we usually stay over at least one night. Logistics for traveling just got more complex.  Le sigh.

Oh, and I'm still exhausted. Stupid CFS/Lyme/Whatever-the-heck-it-is. I'm on my second cup of coffee. Meh. I have work to do (GR project, Book of Magic for their Mutants & Masterminds line), and I got into the PotBS beta, so I want to try that out once I finish up work. Can my brain please wake up now? Kthxbye.

Which reminds me, my first idea for a character for PotBS was a French adventurer or officer named, "Jeanne d'Orley." DH says everyone's gonna think it's a lolcat joke. Le sigh.


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