Entry: Oof Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ok, today's been a heck of a day and it's not done yet. Got up at 7am-ish, took Othello to the vet for his ultrasound, went for brekkie at the diner, went to PetCo looking for a new carrier/a catbed or two/a raised food bowl. Then we went to GNC for cat's claw. Next, it was Target, where we got a whole bunch of stuff including a cat scratching board, but I don't remember what all else. Then Bed Bath & Beyond, where we got new bath rugs and a shower caddy. Then we went to the Sprint store, but they couldn't match the $100 off deal on the website, so off to Bridgewater maul. Got a necklace of mine inspected (keeps the warranty steady), talked renfaires with the lady working there while we dodged being sold a nearly $600!!! gold chain "but it's adjustable," (how 'bout making one that fits me without an extender instead?!?), and then to the sprint store HERE. Umm...we have new phones. I have a mogul It's shiny. DH & I got a McD's snack. I drove him to work. I drove myself home. I panicked when I couldn't find the new BT headset I bought to go with the phone..I called the vet, found out what's wrong with Othello (his left ventricular wall is thicker, his heart isn't pumping as strongly, he's been put on atenolol every day, but his aspirin has been drastically reduced), fetched Othello (he got ticked at the tech who wanted him out of the cage & into the carrier), took him home, he was happy, esp with the new scratching board that we go. Found the headset finally. Futzed with the phone. Remembered to eat around 9pm. Futzed more. Oh, and finally, I have to leave ('bout 20 minutes ago) to pick DH up. at 11pm. Can I go to sleep yet?

Update: I spent a bunch of time trying to get gps software onto the new phone...only to have the gps crap out and lose lock halfway to DH's office. I know the route, but I was so tired, I wanted reminders where to turn, preferably before I hit the NJ/PA border on Rt 78...I came home and curled on the couch and found out that yes, you can laugh & cry at the same time. I'm going to bed.


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