Entry: Crap Crap Crap Thursday, November 29, 2007

I was on the computer, cat snuggled in arms, when I realized something wasn't right. Dammit. Othello was having a seizure of some sort. He's had this before, it's what led me to take him to the vet at the beginning of the year. He sorta freezes, and wobbles, back & forth. He stretched his neck out a lot, too, but I'm not sure if that was the seizure of trying to get more scritch. The whole thing is just...odd. He's had 2-3 other ones maybe, but this was the longest since that first one. I just don't feel the vet gave me a satisfactory answer. I have an appointment for the other cat for a checkup on Friday, so I'm going to see if I can get the appointment expanded or swapped to get Othello in. Meanwhile, I hollered for my husband in a panic, and he grumbled the whole way. Admittedly, he WAS sound asleep. But I don't appreciate him going BACK to sleep when I tell him what's wrong. I was all set to go to the emergency vet. On the off chance he's having a diabetic episode (not that he's been diagnosed with that, but I also don't know he was TESTED for it), I got them a can of cat food and got him to eat a bit.

Oh, and did I mention I HATE the crap that is their dry food? The can's ok, although it's a bit fatty looking. Both are Prescription Diet k/d and the dry is just...yuck. I'm paying more for crappier ingredients than I was giving them before. I understand taking some of the load off the one cat's kidneys by less protein, but he's still a carnivore. They need meat. And the other cat, the one with crystal issues, is getting way fat, even for him. So I'm going to attempt to quiz the vet on why they're getting this stuff and what the benefit of it is over, say TJs canned food. Or even Fancy Feast, which is apparently a better one. Oh, and to make my unease compete? Read this . The vet that wrote that specifically calls attention to the kd (dry) as being a poor choice and making things worse mostly due to the lack of moisture. I want them on an all canned diet, but I'm concerned about how much we travel. But I need to weigh convience vs health. I think I'm going to end up with a cat sitter....


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