Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I found this meme and thought it would work well to wrap up the Thanksgiving holiday:

  1. Where will you be celebrating Thanksgiving this year? Thansgiving itself is at DH's father's house, and the next day is another dinner at DH's brother's house. Oh, they all get along, it's just that my SIL wants lots of leftover turkey. :)
  2. Will you travel to get there? 4 hours/250 miles or so, 4 states. Since we left Thanksgiving mid-morning, there wasn't much traffic at all once we got off Rt 1 in NJ.
  3. How much time, if any, do you have off work for the Thanksgiving holiday? Well, I don't have an active project right now, so I'm off. DH had Thursday-Sat off, but needed to work on Sunday.
  4. Are you going to be cooking? I brought a pumpkin pie for Thursday (and I was the only one who had any, but that's ok because it's what I wanted), and I made green bean casserole for Friday.
  5. Will you have turkey or something else? turkey!
  6. Do you ever go out to a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner? Once. I liked it ok, but my mother HATED it.
  7. Do you eat Thanksgiving dinner earlier, later, or at the same time as you usually eat dinner? One was at 5:30-6, about normal for me. The other was at 3:30, early but normal for family holidays.
  8. Will you go to a church service on Thanksgiving day? Nope.
  9. Will you, or have you ever, volunteered at a soup kitchen serving Thanksgiving dinner? No.
  10. Do you enjoy cranberries? Yes, but I forgot to bring the can again. No cranberries on Thursday, but Friday we had cranberry-orange relish (too orange for my tastes)
  11. Will you get a free turkey from anyone this year (employer, grocery store bonus program, etc.)? Nope. Didn't buy enough close enough.
  12. What are you thankful for? So many things. My health keeps improving, my business keeps growing, my husband, my family, in-laws I *like*, cats seem healthy, etc.
  13. Will you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade? Yup! Watched a bit Thursday morning on CBS - blech. SIL had recorded it so we watched it Friday at her house, this time on NBC - much better.
  14. Have you ever actually gone to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC? Yes, my aunt & uncle took me once when I was younger. Those balloons are scary. Oh, and where I went to college (Stevens Institute of Technology), they used to blow up the new balloons on a Saturday before Thanksgiving, so I got to see those all the time then.
  15. Will you watch football games? Blech. No
  16. What is your favorite Thanksgiving Day tradition? Watching the parade between doing stuff. I miss being at my parents' house, though.
  17. Will you help do the dishes after dinner? Err...I was bad, I didn't help. At my mom's I would have because she would have said, "Dry this."
  18. Do you like pumpkin pie? So much that I made it to make sure I got one. Good thing, since there was pumpkin-coconut flan, pumpkin cheesecake, and pecan tassies, but not pumpkin pie. I would have been sad.
  19. Is there someone you wish you could be with this Thanksgiving? I miss my family, but I can't be in two places at a time, and we go there for Christmas. Logistically, it works out better this way.
  20. Will you go Christmas shopping on “Black Friday” or are those people just crazy? Crazy! If I go at all, it's later in the day. Didn't go this year.

So, yeah, it was a good Thanksgiving. I OD'd on my niece and her sweetness. :)  It was a very relaxing weekend for us, partly because I forgot my asthma med and avoided any heavy activity to compensate *rolls eyes*. I had a good time, I just still want that time machine, so I could go to both familys, you know?

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